Neill Ketchum

Neill Ketchum
1909 Gird Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Ph: 760-723-4773

"Toni's Pepper"  is an etching /aquatint printed in burnt sienna and sepia.  It is 11 1/8"  by 11 7/8". $200

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia,  I attended college on the East Coast and then by way of San Francisco, worked in Germany for a couple of years. Returning to New York,  I continued my education, MA in art, and taught there, and in Florida and Hawaii.  I returned to Florida to complete a Ph. D. in art education.  Teaching on the college level included U. of Hawaii, Brooks, and CA State LB.  When we moved to Sunset Beach, CA, we opened an art school. Now we are in Fallbrook, my husband and I, and various dog companions. I have a little studio up on a hill, where I make prints and paint.

My work comes from the natural world, be it descriptive, as in landscape and interior scenes; or narrative in which the print tells the story. Emotion in art draws me in; it is the single most important factor.  I feel my work is complete when that element, that "feeling", emerges.

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